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XBody Mind Spirit Training Course - Bucharest Romania 2015

XBody Trainer Institute has organised a unique event – EMS Level 2 and 3 Training Course - that inspires health and harmony in body-mind-spirit constellation.

The perfect EMS training would be one which could improve all the skills of body.

The effectiveness of XBody Training highly depends on the qualification of the personal trainer who is required to be fully skilled and in possesion of full knowledge to provide the clients with all necessary to meet goals – weight loss, tightening – achieve spectacular body formations.

The course gathers therapists, trainers, specialists, professionals in health and fitness – targets people with prior knowledge in sports or physical activity, as basic knowledge on anatomy and biomecanics is very helpful to get the maximum.

The courses are taught by EMS MASTER Trainers – at this time Mr. Balázs Füzessy well-known aerobic presenter – who have lots of experience in sports and rehab to provide participants with deep knowledge of EMS technology: benefits, contraindications, physological effects, practical advice, latest developments, rules, protocols, stimulation parameters and recap of excercises.

Curiosity, inspiration and innovation are the strenghts of our company spirit.By implementing the international tendencies with the most recent products launched by our company, we offer the ideal setting for business to business interraction to spread healthy lifestyle.

The Institute was designed to be a platform for transferring the know-how of 21st century training philosophy to enhance skills and competences of EMS trainers worldwide.

XBody International EMS Courses – Level 1, 2 and 3 – are held in so many countries : Ireland, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea, and many other countries from all around the world.

 XBody is a world famous leading brand and service of EMS technology.

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